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Casey Ehler

Casey is a Certified Yoga Teacher that we couldn't be happier for the joy she brings into Abundant Joy with her beautiful energy and smile! 

Casey loves to share a more active class and get you moving on your mat as well as teaches our specialty Aerial Yoga Workshops. Check out her Workshops so you can share in the positive energy that will surround you!  

My name is Casey Ehler and I am a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher trained right here at Abundant Joy! I began a more focused practice in 2014 and found myself reaching for a deeper knowledge in one of Karen's active classes ultimately leading to the teacher training. I have been a runner/spinner/boot-camper for 20 years and only in recent ones realized the comprehensive benefits yoga infuses in physical strength, wellness and mental state.


Finding that I can share this with others has brought transformation in my life as I continue to learn with you all each day and love the community the studio provides for us in guiding our practice. I tend to a more active style of yoga and love the physical and spiritual energy that comes from getting your body moving in a mindful way. I believe in always setting your intentions to align with your best self, whatever that might be today and I am open to all that yoga has to offer, hopefully helping others do the same.

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