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Brenda Ness

I came to yoga first as a physical practice, as many do, for its fitness benefits. I stay and continue to practice, however, because yoga offers so much more. Yoga, for me, brings with its practice, a seismic shift in the world. My body shifts to a place of more comfort and ease. My mind and spirit soften and lighten. I find myself better able to focus and find joy in the present moments of everyday life.

My life work has been, and continues to be, education based; seeking to support growth and the realization of potential in the next generation. I have a bachelor’s in secondary education, history and social studies, and a master’s in curriculum and instruction, as well as certifications in ESL, bilingual education, and educational administration, and have worked in education at the secondary level for over three decades. Yoga has taught, and continues to teach, though, that what matters most, in work with young people, and everyday life, is “showing up present and as our best selves.” Yoga, by relaxing the body and clearing the mind, refreshes and renews. It supports this seismic shift to our best selves, allowing us to show up more considerate, more positive and more present.

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