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Karen Rudolph (founder of Abundant Joy Yoga & Wellness and Abundant Joy Academy) has over 30 years of Yoga experience and has been teaching Yoga in the community of Oconomowoc and Lake Country for over two decades. Karen enjoys sharing the many tools she has learned over the years to help build and maintain a sense of well-being and Joy!  She is trained in many different styles of Yoga with a strong influence of Anusara shared in all of her classes.  Karen is the Director and a Lead Trainer in Abundant Joy's Yoga Teacher Training Programs, that has proudly introduced some of the best Instructors to our area. 

After several years of teaching, Karen decided to open Abundant Joy Yoga & Wellness in 2011 and invite Authentic, knowledgeable Practitioners into this beautiful space with her.  Karen couldn't be more pleased than to be working alongside these quality Instructors and Practitioners at Abundant Joy.  

Karen is also trained in Meditation, Reiki and Essential Oils in addition to Yoga, which are a special addition into many of her classes. She continues to grow and learn, so that she can share new techniques with her students, to give them the opportunity to explore what may resonate each student.  She believes in teaching a mindful practice with a strong emphasis of body awareness and safety to the joints, to allow comfortable movement in your body for many years to come.    

“As we learn to move safely and freely in our bodies, we can find so much JOY in our practice, which is then taken off of our mat and into our everyday life…..  We need more Joy in our world and Abundant Joy is here to help you learn how!”    Karen


Your enthusiasm, abundance of knowledge, encouragement and gentle manor has made it a pleasure being one of your students. You are a gifted teacher and I am very sure, you will continue to be one of the very best and respected Instructors in the area.
-L. K.

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