Tricia Engelking

Tricia Engelking RYT and Somatic Movement Coach is blessed to be part of your Abundant Joy Yoga & Wellness community.Tricia provides clients with tools to release muscle pain, gain mobility, increase vitality and feel younger.  She has helped numerous people in Lake Country feel better in their bodies by reprogramming the way their muscles and brain communicate and repatterning how they use their muscles through awareness, education, easy Somatic Movement, and feedback.

Tricia also shares Yoga Mudra & Guided Meditation supporting students by creating a connection of richness and depth of spirit that has enriched her life profoundly.

Starting with YogaFit in 2000, she has been guiding yoga classes in the Lake Country and Brookfield Communities and completed Integrative Yoga Therapy’s (IYT Brazil) 200-hour teacher training in 2005.  She completed IYT’s Chakra and Mudra training in 2007.  Tricia went on to complete a 3-year training with Essential Somatics (Martha Peterson, NJ) becoming a Somatic Movement Educator.