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Angela Cora

Hi! I'm Ângela Corá. I'm a psychologist with a post graduate degree in family therapy and also an elementary school teacher.
I was born and raised in Brazil and now life has brought me to lovely Wisconsin!
My Yoga path began in 2014 in my country. There I got know and practice kundalini Yoga. Later I started to practice Satyananda and Raja Yoga.
When I moved to U.S.A it was yoga that kept me sane. I practiced daily in my house all that I had learned.
But even then, I was still missing that energy that we can only find in a room full of people. So I decided to face the challenge of attending a class without speaking English.

It was tough in the beginning but my love for Yoga kept pushing me forward.  In 2021 I faced yet another challenge: to take the yoga teacher training certification at the "Abundant Joy Yoga Academy.  

I believe yoga has so much to offer in bringing a healthy body and peaceful mind together... it can really make a difference in our lives.

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