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A Glimpse of Peace! Here are 10 suggestions...

1. Simplify, simplify, simplify...your counters, your desk, your mind. Repeat a mantra or positive affirmation to clear your mind such as; "I am calm and organized" Remember Less is More.

2. Eliminate (or restrict) the amount of caffeine in your diet. It can take away your long term calm and interfere from getting a good nights sleep. Less sleep = less calm.

3. Unplug from electronics. Pray, meditate, take a bath, read without interruption, plant, take a walk, etc. The likelihood of a major emergency in a short time is low.

4. Don't project your expectations on others. They say if you really want something done---"do it yourself".

5. Look at your "To Do" list and acknowledge what you have accomplished - NOT what you haven't been able to get done. Possibly turn your "needs" into "preferences". Our basic needs are already met so cross that off your list!

6. Count Your Blessings and be Grateful. For every 1 thing that goes wrong, there are probably 30 or more things that go right!

7. Get up, go outside and face the sun (even when it is cloudy--the sun is still shinning!!) Stretch your arms out and repeat 3 times; "Thank you for the Abundance, Love and Health in my Life" Take 5 breaths between each statement.

8. Wear ear plugs if you need some quiet at home....breathe and listen to the sound of your breath. This is a grounding exercise.

9. Get up each day 15 minutes earlier and lay or sit in silence. Think of what your ideal day looks like---even if it may not happen, think and visualize it. You are starting your day off with that positive vision.

10. Do nothing, which after being done, leads you to lie. Be honest and kind, even with yourself in your thoughts.

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