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While you are homebound, what changes have you made for the better?

Take some time to think about an old habit that you want to change....write it down.

Each day write down something about this 1 habit. Such as;

1. How you think it could benefit your life by changing it

2. Why it isn't serving your higher purpose

3. Why you want it out of your life

Believe it or not, writing it down will help it improve or vanish quicker. Usually with daily practice, within 21 days there will be a remarkable change.

For example;

"I want to blame people less for things I get frustrated about"

- This will improve my relationships with others.

- Improving this will cause less turmoil within myself and my family.

- This will help me realize that just because I was brought up this way, doesn't

mean I can't change it, now!

- Not blaming others will help me feel better about myself, that I can make

mistakes and own up to those mistakes. I am not perfect.

- Not blaming others will help me realize I don't always have to have the answer,

and always be right. Who is ALWAYS right?! No One!

- Improving this 1 habit will help me feel better about myself and when I feel

better about myself I seem to have calmer and more productive conversations with everyone.

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